• We work with long-staple length cotton. What this means for you: a smoother feel, for longer. Long-staple cottonc are naturally more durable, so your sheets continue feeling soft for a long time coming.
  • Our cotton is ring-spun. What this means for you: a noticeably softer product. Ring-spun cotton yarn (as compared to open-end yarn) means fibers are twisted to create the yarn, rather than wrapped, offering a more durable and higher-quality material.
  • We work exclusively with GOTS-certified, low-impact, fiber-reactive dyes. What this means for you: less of an environmental impact, as low-impact dyes require less water in the rinse process (due to their higher absorption rate), and are created with no heavy metals like chrome, copper, and zinc. In addition, fiber-reactive dyes do not require toxic chemical mordants to fix to the fibers.
  • We take pride in our process. What this means for you: extra confidence and comfort knowing the bedding, towels, and baby products you’re bringing into your home have gone through a meticulous production process where each step is certified organic.
  • We have one of the lowest rates of return. What this means for you: our products rate highly amongst other families and homemakers, and we’re confident they’ll help you create the healthy, sustainable, and cozy home you crave for your family, as well.