Did you know? In the US alone,
cotton makes up just 2-3% of the crop
land but 25% of the pesticide use.

It affects the farmers who cultivate it. It affects the factory workers who handle it.

And it affects the consumers who use cotton products each and every day for

themselves and their families. But it doesn’t have to.


When you buy organic cotton products, you are:

  • supporting the health and financial well-being of the farmers around the world who cultivate it
  • reducing the amount of pesticides used annually and thus the people exposed
  • supporting sustainable farming and soil fertility
  • cultivating a healthier home


  • products and process have earned a top tier, global certification
  • cotton is certified organic at every step of the process -- from farming to spinning to printing to cutting, and everything in between
  • each of our materials are minimally processed, so you’re getting the purest fibers available

Each and every time you choose organic fibers over standard ones, you make a choice to change the environment and create a healthier home.

For us, it’s about our collective impact.
A positive environmental impact isn’t just our goal:
it’s the pursuit of every partner we work with.

We collaborate with our partners to keep prices low for you, so you can create a sustainable, healthy home.

Magnolia Organics

Even more about organic cotton...

At Magnolia, we put our extensive backgrounds in textiles to work to develop each fabric we use ourselves. We adhere to very specific standards, from the length of the fibers to the types of spinning and the dyestuffs to the inspection process in order to deliver the purest, healthiest product.


  • We work with long-staple length cotton. What this means for you: a smoother feel, for longer. Long-staple cottonc are naturally more durable, so your sheets continue feeling soft for a long time coming.
  • Our cotton is ring-spun. What this means for you: a noticeably softer product. Ring-spun cotton yarn (as compared to open-end yarn) means fibers are twisted to create the yarn, rather than wrapped, offering a more durable and higher-quality material.
  • We work exclusively with GOTS-certified, low-impact, fiber-reactive dyes. What this means for you: less of an environmental impact, as low-impact dyes require less water in the rinse process (due to their higher absorption rate), and are created with no heavy metals like chrome, copper, and zinc. In addition, fiber-reactive dyes do not require toxic chemical mordants to fix to the fibers.
  • We take pride in our process. What this means for you: extra confidence and comfort knowing the bedding, towels, and baby products you’re bringing into your home have gone through a meticulous production process where each step is certified organic.
  • We have one of the lowest rates of return. What this means for you: our products rate highly amongst other families and homemakers, and we’re confident they’ll help you create the healthy, sustainable, and cozy home you crave for your family, as well.