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Magnolia Organics

Wool Pillow

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Our Wool Bolus stuffing is fluffy, resilient, and eco-friendly!  As one of the most versatile natural fibers, Wool Bolus is especially fitting for pillow stuffing due to the unique 3-dimensional crimp in the fiber.  This helps the pillow from getting matted down over time and creates and a super-comfortable nights rest. Every pillow contains a plethora of harmful allergens and irritants such as mold, dust mites and pollen. Barrier cloth pillow cases effectively stop these irritants from reaching your face (and lungs) while you sleep. Most barrier cloth pillowcases are made with a petroleum-based fabric, which is uncomfortable, and produces noise when touched. Through our innovative manufacturing techniques, we have created an extremely dense organic cotton fabric which is more effective than most plastic pillow covers, yet remains soft, quiet, and best of all completely organic!